Wasel is a leading company in the Middle East e-commerce logistics that provides one-stop end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions, including international transport, customs clearance, overseas warehouse, last-mile delivery, cash-on-delivery, and reverse logistics.Cooperating with Wasel will save up to 50% on your transport, contact us immediately to learn more about our commercial delivery service and e-commerce logistic solutions. 【 أكثر . 】
  • {f.InfoTitle} Local delivery teams1

    In each country in the Middle East, We have our own delivery teams. More than 80% of the drivers in our dispatch team are local. Familiarity with the delivery area facilitates the driver to deliver the goods to the recipient accurately and quickly

  • {f.InfoTitle} Full range of high quality service2

    We will manage and transport letters, goods and information on the basis of providing comprehensive services and customized solutions. We have well-trained and experienced staff to provide you with efficient operation and quality service

  • {f.InfoTitle} The perfect combination of cost and speed3

    By combining the speed advantages of air transportation with the cost savings of sea transportation, you can get the fastest delivery at a reasonable price, thereby reducing the time and improving the service experience

  • {f.InfoTitle} Local Warehousing Services4

    We have our own warehouses in various countries. The seller prepared the goods to our warehouse in advance. When the order is generated, the goods are sent directly from our local warehouse, So can delivered to the recipient more quickly

  • {f.InfoTitle} provides door-to-door courier5

    WSD express; provides door-to-door courier for both Domestic and International. We pick up from a customers office, factory, Warehouse etc, and then send the shipments to the recipient's home

  • {f.InfoTitle} Large tonnage vehicle

    Provide you with timely vehicle transportation. Is required for the transport of units, as long as the notification Tianshun, Tianshun logistics scheduling personnel according to characteristics of the cargo tonnage, weight, length and nature of the cargo, the appropriate scheduling vehicle (after the first four of eight and a half hanging 9.6 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters, Gaolan, cars, refrige...